UI International Limited is a boutique advisory which provides due diligence and customized investment advisory services focused on urban development. It is an independent advisory specialized in new market entry, risk mitigation in emerging markets, and urban planning. With special focus on urbanization and public policy UI International serves clients through fieldwork, data analysis, site selection, partner screening, deal origination, project finance advisory, and project management.

UI International incorporates a bottom-up research approach when approaching complex urban issues and strategy in emerging markets. 

We work with reputable companies to supplement our services. These are partnerships that we have built up over many years with local teams in the markets we operate in.

Focus: mixed-use development, senior housing, commercial acquisitions, coworking asset light strategies, real estate technology innovation, ”smart cities”, and site selection. 

We currently are engaged in Hong Kong, China,  Korea, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and the US.