UI GLOBAL is a boutique advisory which provides due diligence and customised investment advisory and project management services focused on urban development and stakeholder management.  We understand that every project has its unique challenges and complexities. We provide comprehensive support throughout the entire project lifecycle.  Our services include:

  • Urban Development Strategies: We help our clients navigate complex world of urban investment.  Wether it’s identifying urban trends or understand district politics we help ensure our clients will succeed locally.
    • Site Selection: We help our clients identify suitable acquisition targets. We take into consideration factors such as accessibility, zoning regulations, and local market conditions (e.g. demographics) to help our clients make informed decisions.
    • Adaptive Reuse: We help our clients transform underutilised or outdated properties into modern, functional spaces that meet their current needs.  This includes detailed design services and project management.
  • Localization Strategies: Localization/Internationalization and legal translation services are indispensable for firms seeking to strive in a global landscape.  We understand the challenges of operating across borders and offer a range of services to ensure seamless execution within a local context.
  • Serial Modular Production:  Our teams help clients get from prototyping to mass scale production with tools including digital twins.  We understand the regulatory and logistical challenges and provide customized full service solutions.
    • Material Sourcing: We help our clients identify and source high-quality materials especially as it relates to the energy transition. We work with a network of suppliers to provide our clients with access to a wide range of materials.
    • Modular Housing: We collaborate with clients from conceptualisation to final construction and logistics. 
    • After Sales Installation:  With a network of installation teams who work locally we provide construction support as well as peer review.

Sample steps:

 We are currently engaged in  Hong Kong, South Korea, Mexico, the US, Germany, India, and China. We understand that each of these markets has unique challenges and opportunities.  With a special focus on project de-risking and investment oriented partnerships, we help clients ensure the long term success of their projects.